This isn’t a book review site. I’m not interested in presenting well-balanced, positive and negative, aspects of a book. If a title appears on this site, it’s safe to assume that I’m enthusiastic about it.

The feeling that I hope to create with this blog is akin to that of a friend who comes to our home and curls up in a cozy chair, while sipping hot apple cider, and is transported to another world – a world of books.

I don’t want to have too much of my own prose in this blog. I’d rather present you with generous excerpts which hopefully will allow you to discover whether the book in question speaks to you.

None of the books in my library is particularly valuable; not, at least, as many people would reckon that. They have value to me because of what each conveys, what is represented, and the memories each conjures.

So come on into my virtual den. And, in the immortal words of Bob Homme, one of my early literary giants, “Here’s one little chair for one of you and a bigger chair for two more to curl up in. And for someone who likes to rock, a rocking chair in the middle.”

The doors to the bookcase are open.

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